New on here

Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce myself as I just registered today.
I own a Ninja 125, been riding for about 1 year, mostly commuting but lately, slowly slowly went on longer rides.

I am planning on taking a week trip along the coast, so any advice on this would be very welcome.
My technical/mechanical knowledge of bikes is unfortunately close to 0, but getting there as well:)

Looking forward to hearing your advice and suggestions on how to make this a fun and safe trip.

Thank you all

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Hi Carmen, and welcome to the forum.

My mechanical knowledge is close to zero as well, so I will refrain from offering any advice in that department.

A week’s trip along the coast sounds lovely. My only tip would be to pack light, have breakdown cover (but don’t stress about it, I’ve never used mine yet), relax and enjoy.

Welcome @Carmen to LB

Don’t worry too much about any mechanical knowledge, if you’re interested you’ll soon learn what you need to know. Otherwise plenty folk can hopefully point you in the right direction.
Just enjoy riding the bike :+1:t2:

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Welcome, mechanics is all about trial and error. And having a trusted mechanic you can pay when error happens or you get stuck. Also allowing 5times the time someone tells you a job takes.

Mostly it’s what nivag said, enjoying the bike. Mechanics will come slowly.

As for coast advice, which coast are you heading for?

There’s two option. Plan route meticulously, studying the various forums and books for good roads. Or just heading out and seeing what happens. The first time I went to Brighton from London I was on the a23 all the time. Most boring ride I ever took. But then I’ve spent hours planning a ride only for satnav to have different opinion/ road not being that great as was told etc.

Try and jump onto organised rides when and if they happens, on this forum or others. It’s a great way of learning roads. Some will be open to 125s.


@Michael748 @nivag @Serrisan, thank you for the welcome and the advice. I really appreciated it.


@Serrisan The route is somewhere along these lines: London - Somerset - Devonshire - Cornwall - Dorset - Hampshire - Sussex - Kent - London. All on the coast. Slightly nervous but very excited.

For some reason I am very nervous when it comes to riding in groups, probably because I am not that experienced and would feel very self conscious, but then again I would probably learn a lot more, become a better rider and meet some great people.

I will keep an eye out. Thank you

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I did something similar several years ago. London down to New forest, along the coast into Cornwall and back along the top of Cornwall, Devon and then through Cheddar Gorge and back across through Wiltshire.

Do you have a SatNav? If so I can upload the routes that I did. If it’s your first time, that I suggest going all the way to the The Lizard (most southerly point in the UK Mainland and Land’s End which with John o’Groats make the two furtherest points in the UK). If you have done then or aren’t bothered then Don’t really go beyond Fowey/Wadebridge line as it get’s to pinched and too many vehicles.

Oh and welcome to the site, and ride safe.


@Kevsta unfortunately I do not have a SatNav, my phone will be my guidance on this one:))
I haven’t really gone on long trips like this, usually maximum 2 hours away from London. Will check your suggestions out. Thank you.

Might not be today, but I can dig out and import it to Google Maps I think. Otherwise I can recommend stretches of road to do or avoid.

Given that you haven’t done anything multi day trips I’d suggest a doing a 6 hour day to start off with. Find somewhere that is about 3 hours from where you live to ride to and get some lunch and then ride back.

That’ll give you an idea on how far or how long you can ride for. And then you can plan start planning on the back of that.

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@Kevsta I am leaving the w/c 20th July, so plenty of time. That is very nice of you thank you. The longest I have done was about 4 hours with a 30 min break in between, and felt quite tired after.
I am taking 1 week to do this, also stop and do some coastal walks/treks as well. Thank you for your assistance with this. Much appreciated!

SIlly question are you using ear plugs?

Yes, I am. I have learned that the hard way :slight_smile:


Good, not only do they protect your hearing it also helps with fatigue on long runs.

Welcome to LB, @Carmen! Touring is one of the best parts of biking, you’ll have a great time. My touring tips:

  • Pack light, you really don’t need half of what you might be tempted to bring
  • Make sure your bike is up to the job:
    • Tyres have enough life left in them for the whole trip. As new as possible ideally
    • Brake pads have enough life left in them for the whole trip
    • Chain is correctly tensioned
    • Oil is at the correct level
  • Pack some chain-lube and put a bit on every couple of long rides
  • Pack a visor cleaning kit (bugs!)
  • Pack things in order of when they’ll be needed.
  • Do a dress-rehearsal, fully pack your bike and go for a ride. The last thing you want is to find out on your trip is that your luggage strap system is not good enough for example
  • Have a backup plan for should your phone break/get lost. Printed phone numbers, some coins, maybe a paper map.
  • Don’t be tempted to travel too far in one day. Quality not quantity is important
  • Use a bike nav app that provides you with bike-friendly routeing, i.e. twisty roads
  • Breakdown cover probably more useful than a puncture repair kit (I’ve not had to use either yet in 20 odd years of touring, touch wood). Most insurers provide it to you as part of your cover
  • Always worth asking hoteliers if they have somewhere safe you can tuck your bike out of view
  • Do stop and take photos (and post there here!)
  • Consider a video camera for your helmet/bike, i.e. GoPro, video is great to look back on and can act as a witness if god forbid, you do have an accident, even if it’s just a bump
  • Consider some kind of headphone/intercom system, they’re great for getting navigation instructions from your phone, allow you to take/make calls on the way and can play Spotify/radio which is sometimes nice on a long trip.
  • Talk to people, be curious, make friends and enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

@Jay Thank you this is all amazing advice. The bike has just been serviced 2 weeks ago the she’s up for the trip. Have the helmet camera, the earphones and will arrange for the rest. Thank you so much for this and the warm welcome.

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Welcome @Carmen. sounds like you’re planning a fun trip!

One word of warning on here… don’t take technical advice from @me_groovy… :rofl:

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@Tromboman thank you, I can’t wait, getting really excited here :smile:
re tech advice from @me_groovy I will keep that in mind…I bet there is at least 1 good story behind that comment :laughing:

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There are many. Like the time I had a CB500 pannier rack welded onto a VFR750, or the time my battery overheated so much it boiled, or the time my engine punched a hole through it’s casing.

No good adventure is free of drama though.


There are many, usually posted on here as Me_groovy’s pro tip of the day :rofl:

Engine blew up on the TT course… need I say more? Well ok one more TT one (different year)

Arrived at meet to ride to TT (late because battery didn’t work) and had to get jumpstarted by a car. Had to get bumpstarted a few times en route to TT campsite :smiley:

I also wouldn’t ask him about packing for a trip. He once strapped half an oil drum onto his bike…