New(old) Kent Rd

Noticed a police bike tucked under the flyover today. Rider sitting astride in his kit and ready to roll. Clearly keeping an eye on the traffic leaving the lights and using the roundabout.

May have just been a one off, but I know bikes can get off those lights quickly so watch out if you head through there. Coming south, away from town, you’d never even see him there.

There was a car and fat cop with speed gun on that location last week (annoyingly blocking an entire lane, idiots), so watch out, it may become a regular spot.

Thanks gang! that would have been me tonight had i not read the post. ( i will behave now )

There again today. Clearly they’re keeping an eye out for something around that section of road.

(Shame as it’s freshly resurfaced and a lovely set of corners!)

The old bill do have a job to do but they always pick the fun sites why cant they pick the boring dangerous areas!! where bikers have problems.

Again today at around 5.30

Can they catch on the flyover ???

Probably not as they can’t see you, or get to the exit quick enough, even if they can hear you coming.

Seen them there every few days so it’s obviously become a regular spot.