New old boy

Hello everyone i hope you dont mind an old geezer joining you .A few words about myself I got my first bike in 1954 [ a 976 cc Royal Enfield ] of 1930 vintage it cost me 10 bob [ 50 p in toy money ] i have not been without a bike since .Iamat the moment rebuilding a 1929 500 Cotton Jap. I should have retired a few years ago but i dont feel able to stop working yet . Enough rambling for now . Regards Exchisboy.:

we love abit of rebuilding round here so get the pics in :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome

Do post up some pics in the classic bike section :smiley:

And will you be venturing to Kempton on the 4th December to hunt for any bits i wonder :w00t:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi welcome to LB:D

would love to see some pics too, best of luck with it.