New Nurburgring Record 05 R1- PROPERLY QUICK!!


King of the ring

whatever silly bollox:D

Really quick, not far off the production car record!

obsessive nutta :smiley:

“… I have spent three hours lightening a headlight loom by 14 grams. Some people would suggest that’s going too far. Other victories include drilling plastic brackets, no detectable weight saving there as the scales only went in increments of one gram.”

Reckons he’s walked 20 laps of the 'ring as well! :w00t:

“… I’ve even been on my hands and knees examining details”

And he’s almost done that on my tyres … Well he’s got the next version up :smiley:

good rider, hes quick, apprently its not the ‘official’ record but its a fucking good time none the less!!