new nogaro trackday pictures

hi guys im a newbie to the site from torquay devon ,here are some pictures from a recent trip to nogaro france,enjoy

Hey danj600k4, welcome to LB! Fantastic track bike you have there Are you running slicks, it looks like it? Would love to ride Nogaro one day soon.

hi there jay mate.this is actually my road bike,just popped on some race fairings,im running some metzler rennsports at the mo,i cant afford proper slicks,bein only 20 i find it a pretty expensive hobbie you no,good job i had race fairings on though mate as i had a pretty fast lowside,you can see in a couple of pics my bike looks pretty beat up,with this being my 3rd trackday now im kinda getting a taste for it and may try out racing with a club or something but will just have to see how the money goes.

Racings VERY expensive But if you can get sponsorship, do it! Bike’s only lean so far and you’re pretty much on the limit on those pics, so nice one for having race fairings!