New Newbie

Hi all

My names Duncan.

Been smoking round on an old vespa T5 for a while, but saw the light back in March and did my DAS and picked up a honda bros, which being ebay tat didnt last long and it was replaced with a CBR 600 FY.

Commute in on it each day from near Crystal Palace park to the Aldwych. Only one near miss so far and if anyones got a picture of me doing a stoppy behind that taxi can I have a copy.

Hope to see a few of you at the next BM meet.


Welcome to LB Duncan:)

Hey Duncan - welcome! Also look out for the Newbie Night at the Ace early next month :slight_smile:

hi, and hope to see you there

hi Duncan

Welcome to LB!! Funny my first big bike was a 20 year old Honda Bros - it lasted all of 2 months. Glad the CBR is working out well.

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB

Hi welcome :smiley:

Hi Duncan, Welcome to LB from me too. Newbie night is at the Ace on Monday Sept 6th!

hello hope to c u at bm or the ace

Welcome to LB Duncan :smiley:

Hello Duncan and welcome to LB:D(from another Duncan:)

Welcome to LB Dunc. Enjoy the commute and if you travel up Croxted Rd on your journey, careful - dunno what it is about that road, always seem to be clowns in cages trying to get me when I’m on it !!