New newbie stick

Apparently, I am due for a new newbie stick ( westfazer thats cos lately everyones been coming back for seconds… )

So heres an idea - does anyone have any ideas for what that should look like???

Dont care what it looks like just make it BIG!!! In a friendly sort of way of course.

of course… but a little more help pleez…

how about a con-rod off a Kawa VN2000… dont come much bigger than that…

Or this, is it big enough…???

Got to be something you can carry on your bike to meets.

have just burst out laughing in middle of office! About to be carted away!

maybe not that big - we want to poke newbies with it

not put them in hospital…

ouch and people say i am bad…

would certainly know you’d been poked…

well this one seems a bit small

abbeyJ, havnt you got a knobkerrie at home we can use?

i would have to check on that one


what about a rubber one! something slightly less hard! he he lol, or trunchen?

was that a tactical decision…stick to hit both spots !!!..


at first i thought what you on about

So i looked again…

And now i am blushing…

What about a branch off this tree … ?




I dont wanna put people in hospital here folks…

what about this one??