New motorcycle shop opening in Enfield

Spotted a new bike shop in Lancaster Road, Enfield, north London this evening. Popped in late evening as there were people setting it up and met Jay, the owner. The shop has a kitted repair/service area and Jay keenly mentioned that they deal with insurance work, paying a commission of £500 if you directly refer your crashed bike to them.

The shop formally opens this Saturday 2nd November 2019.

The lack of command of the English language tells me all I need to know, no thank you.

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What happened to gp motorcycles ?
To now be gp2

Do you have a time machine to go back to the opening?

With NT on this. English aside, sounds like that thing touts for business. Also, if they are paying me £500 to bring my crash damaged bike in, who do you actually think is going to pay that £500?

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And no land line.
I don’t expect bike mechanics to write like Stephen Fry but GP squared Motorcycles need to do much better than this.

Sounds shifty.




The shop formally opens this Saturday 2nd October 2019.

Do you have a time machine to go back to the opening?

Corrected to November.

Whilst Jay may have the best intentions, just that bit about paying you for your damaged bike sounds like dodgy deal 101… I pay you if you recommend me to insurer who will pay or claim from other insurer to pay to fix your bike.

Just that would make me steer well clear without even looking at the site.

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As someone who sees the way many of these “Claims Management” companies operate, I would simply advise you to be very careful.

They are not legally qualified, they often exagerate claims (even with innocent and genuine claimants) and claims are usually undervalued by up to 70% leaving claimants massively out of pocket.

You could also find yourself subject to a fraudulent claim investigation yourself even though it may be genuine from your perpective.

You are far better off using a bona fide law firm, your insurance company direct or one of the recognised claims management firms who at least have a track record and are established.



What happened to gp motorcycles ?
To now be gp2

It’s the same owner as the Cable Street shop, Jay said.

The more I hear the dodgier it sounds, not that we don’t explicitly trust Jay but I can’t help wondering…

Why there’s no mention of the new premises on ?

Why the Cable Street premises advertise a different mobile number 07708614073 ?

What became of the GP Motorcycles pop up shop at 248 Chingford Mount Road, London E4 8JL?

Not to be confused with other motorcycle shops by the name of G P Motorcycles that may be owned by folk with the initials GP!