New Motogp docufilm - Hitting the Apex

Hopefully its a good one, Brad Pitt is a Huge MotoGP fan so he should do it justice as it will be from the heart rather than just about being paid to narate it. I Love that Simoncelli is included in the list of 6 of the greatest. Looking forward to this one :slight_smile:

I’m off to see it on the 2nd :slight_smile:

Looks really good! A must see judging by the trailer.

Can’t wait to see this!

Ok, so official release date for the movie is September 2! Which is good news… The bad news, it was shown in 4 ODEON cinemas (in London) ONLY that day!!! And that is it!!! How unfair is that??

Went last night, the film was great, the Simoncelli stuff being handled sensitively, definitely worth a watch.

Well, I guess the only way now is to wait for September 7th and get a DVD…

The narration is a bit naff and a bit Top Gun, but I’ll still watch it!

I’m just amazed these guys survive coming off their bikes, then do it all again, absolute heroes when you look at what they put on the line every time they race compared to other sportsmen

As Jamie Whitham said :
What you accept as a rider is that falling off is part of it and you are expected to find the limit – It’s part of the job.

Rem Zuk
a day ago
Well, I guess the only way now is to wait for September 7th and get a DVD…

Think I will wait till the 8th and watch it on the interwebby thing :grin:

All is racer on here get that thi, and we do it without the pay… In fact, with massive expense to ourselves!
Still heroes tho, those boys…

Watched it. Would be better if it was shorter. Feels a bit drawn out. 2 1/2 hours. Maybe I just have a short attention span.