New motion lotion – E10 petrol

From today E10 is the new ‘default petrol/ethanol rating’ at forecourts. I’m sure we’ve all seen it, checked the Government website to see if our bikes are compatible, etc…

But what are the long term effects? Will you be using it? I’m sure I read somewhere that the ‘Super unleaded’ petrols are still going to be E5. What will you use?

Super unleaded is staying e5 for the vehicles not compatible.

I’ve already used a couple tanks of E10 in the car and sv.
The Bros will be on just e5 though, as it’s too old and Honda say no

Whenever I’ve toured in Europe - it’s been E10 at all the stations. Never had, or heard of, any issues with it. Happy to use it here.


I’ll be using it for my 2 modern bikes but all the rest of them will get super.

Long term damage comes from not using a bike for a long period, allowing the bike to sit and the ethanol to absorb water.

Wonder what it would do to the KTMs plastic tanks if left too long. I remember it was an issue they would change shape so slightly, but it was a bitch to get them (and crash bars) off and on after it had happened

No idea if this would be worse / better. Also.dont have a KTM anymore so not really a concern

More ethanol = more water = worse for plastic tanks.

I’ve not yet found any definitive answer to the plastic tank problem and getting them to shrink back.

The government checker here. Although, its usefulness is a bit questionable:


E10 petrol is cleared for use in all current production car models with petrol engines.

For older car models: Please refer to Owner’s Manual

Here’s some info that might prove useful:

MCN spoke to major bike brands back in 2013 when E10 was first introduced to find out what a switch to higher ethanol fuel would mean for them.

The least-affected brands were Yamaha, Triumph, Honda and BMW. Yamaha and Triumph both said that all models from 1990-on are compatible with E10, while Honda said everything post-1993 is compatible, although carburettor-equipped models could experience poor driveability in cold weather.

BMW said that all their models regardless of the year of manufacture can run on E10 fuel with no adverse effects.

Suzuki models made after 2002 are compatible with E10 and those made after 1992 might be but owners should seek advice.

Ducati said that their Multistrada 620 and 1000 models were not compatible with E10 fuel, with tanks known to expand or leak in markets with ethanol-rich fuel.

And Kawasaki said that models made from 2006-on would be ok on E10 but advised customers not to use the fuel in bikes that weren’t specifically approved.

Piaggio (who own Moto Guzzi and Aprilia) were the least E10-friendly manufacturer in 2012, saying that all motorbikes built before 2011 would not be compatible with the fuel.


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not sure how reliable but there is this .gov compatibility checker

e.g KTM motorcycles and ATVs are compatible with E10 from model year 2000 onwards.

Seems simpler to me to just buy a modern car/bike


that’s an expensive option & guess work with the octane