New moped :-)


My Andy’s first bike! Preregistered 28/12/2017 with 0 miles, bought the same price people are asking for 2-3 year olds with 3-6k miles. Was delivered today so we went to the Ace for a late breakfast. I know I know people will say “oh that’s stupid you should have waited a year for him to be able to ride a 125”, but honestly I think this is a fine way for him to start learning :wink:


There’s nothing wrong with starting on a moped. Actually, it may be wiser to learn about the roads a year earlier at 16.

I too, started on a moped at 16, then passed my bike test very shortly after turning 17.


I know when I was 17 and had my 125 I kept trying to see how fast I could get it to… flying round country lanes in Scotland like an animal.

Many a drop, never a collision luckily… oh, except for with a sheep once… I did hit a sheep, luckily he survived.

So I think it’s a very good idea to learn on a 50cc first.


Nice one! Doesn’t matter what the bike is, if it has two wheels and is motorised, it’s bloody fun for anyone, especially a 16 year old :slight_smile:

Gives him time and an incentive to get a part time job if he hasn’t already got one and save up for a 125 :slight_smile: