New Members Night, What new members night. Not good.

Whent along to newbie night. No one there. Sorry but this is very poor for londonbikers. Thought i was getting involved with a good organization. Dont know what to think now.

It was a very wet morning!:slight_smile:

Are you sure no LBers were there?

I spoke to Ginger earlier and he told me he was going:Whistling:

Yep went to the bar asked if tonight was the night for new members to meet londonbikers was told yes. Asked where are they. dont know could be the rain i was told. Found that very strange. Rain yes but not that much i didnt even have wets on.

Just had a text back from Ginger. He was there

Well if thats the case then poor organization it is . Where was the Banner as advertised. Why was there not a notice on table stating london biker newbie meet. Also are you you saying one london biker was there. If you are going to do these meets its got to be better. Imagine me coming along to a place ive never been before walking in and then what. Come on london bikers you can do better than this.

Also like to no if any other newbie turned up. Like to hear your comments.

Dont want to push the matter. Looking at photos in the gallerie last newbie meet photos may 07. I think im starting to get the picture.

oh was that today… :hehe:

I had a fantastic newbie night when I joined.

Yes 07. Im wondering whats happened 09

Just saw the 07 pics, it look quite good that one :slight_smile:

Sounds like you had a poor show, not everyone likes the rain!! and it wasn’t just a little bit of rain where I was yesterday!!

I had a very warm welcome on my 1st newbie night, I wasn’t sure when I 1st got there who was Londonbikers and who wasn’t so I asked people :slight_smile: You’ll probably find there were some Lber’s there. Never mind, there’s always the next one, best thing to do is post up on the newbie night thread beforehand to say your going to be attending and I am sure you’ll get a few peeps there to say hi :slight_smile:

The change of day from Monday nights to Sunday doesn’t seem to work, come on you lot admit it!

When it was a Monday evening alot more members went, being after work you knew people were going for that reason. Being on a Sunday people are less likely to hang around all evening if they’ve been out riding all day, they want to get home and prepare for work the following day.

I was out all day yesterday and got soaked to the skin on the way home, I was not going to then sit at the Ace all evening in wet gear :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to agree with Ang here, sometimes I can eb bothered to stick around after a days riding but mostly I just wanna get home and chill, would be better on monday’s again :slight_smile:

Ang, I was saying that exact same thing yesterday. People like to pop in after work for a wind down and a natter.

Welcome to LB and sorry for the soggy no-show. Come to BMM this wednesday and you’ll meet a few of us there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your honesty. Must admit didnt look at the day issue. Will be there on wednesday and although dont like tapping people on the shoulder and asking are you a london biker i will. Hope ive started a friendly debate and not a angry one. Now londonbikers are showing who they are. would have been nice to here gingers comments.

I was planning on going being a newbie to the ace but had a friend’s birthday to go too instead. I regularly go to the Borough meet instead, there the turn out can be small if it’s bad weather.

Well check out the ride out and meets section, there is a Borough Market meet every weds and it’s safe to say that if you go there you won’t have to ask who’s from LB, they are all LBer’s :slight_smile:

p.s. You probably don’t wanna hear Ginger’s comments, trust me :stuck_out_tongue:

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