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Hello … Long time motorcycle user new to this forum … Can be seen on various bikes but most frequently my little XS streetracker Here is the tracker with my other bikes in the background KTM SD990 and Fuglyblade . .

Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

Welcome. Did you make that exhuast?

Cheers guys …

They are the standard exhaust just wrapped and then a bar stuck up the pipe and a bend applied … Then 2, 4 inch baffles up each pipe so calm the noise and give the engine some backpressure . Turns in it own length now too … I ground the stop bumps off the heastock … no gap to small no turn to tight )))

hi, welcome

Hi welcome to LB,

nice bike,s

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

:cool::cool: Hi And Welcome To LB M8 :blink::blink:

welcome to lb

Thanks for all the hellos … If ya see me out on the road say hello there too :smiley:

I love the KTM!

Thanks for all your advice too.

Thanks … Now get yerself back to the aprilia RSV thread and get concentrating hahahaha