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Hiya everyone, another new member to the londonbikers forum, my names caz and im 26 i live in bucks, not far from london, am into bikes big time, im about to do my cbt this year but havent decided where to do it yet, im new to the bike scene have only been interested in bikes for a year and a half dunno where my interest comes from cos ive never been on a bike, but i love em, i love the noise of the revvin of the engine.

Hello CazEngland!

I’m new here too. Now… Bucks, thats North West of London?

Hello Caz and welcome to LB. Iggy: isn’t Bucks south west of London, towards Scotland?

Welcome aboard Caz! Don’t ask me about geography…

welcome to LB you should get down the ace on a friday night, you can hear plenty of reving engines,

i like the idea of all these lady members…

Hi caz welcome its good to see more of us on bikes

Hi Caz,

Welcome to the land of the mentally defective, pull up a chair and rock back and forth while dribbling with the rest of us.


Hey Caz, welcome to LB. Don’t worry, we all go a bit silly at the sound of engines rev’in, it’s all part of being a biker. It gets into your blood big time. You’ve made the right choice! You’ll be able to get a lot of advice and ideas on future bikes here.

Hiya matey,

Am from bucks too, how cool is that?

Welcome to the madhouse. it’s cool?

4fuksake barro where do u get it from…

What!! …its only me that does that then ??:

(Check up from the Neck up then tomorrow)

Welcome mate! Just don’t ride with puppy from bucks to London ok? You will get too bored… lol

Hey…the MAIN MANS BACK…hows it going Cezar, Good Time ?

OI ya cheeky begger.

Am not that good.

Hello and welcome to LB Caz… Hurry up and get that CBT done…

Welcome caz, i use to go out with a lovely young lady from Bucks, iverheath actually, lol.

Oh well.

I hope that aint a picture of her on the back of ya cannister mate…

Easyyyyyyyyyy Tiger…she aint got her coat off yet !!!..

Hiya CazEngland

And Welcome


Welcome to London Bikers.