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Thought id say Hi before posting. NEw to biking and the forum. Just bought a gsx 600, looking forward to posting and rideouts

Welcome to the LB forum. Its a bit cold for riding at the moment but there are still people getting out and about. Enjoy your ride.

Big welcome, have you been out in snow ora re you FW biker ?


Welcome dude


Are you some kinda 1970’s throw back who only owns one form of transport*, or are you a FWB?

*Other valid reasons to ride in the snow…

1 - Poor person.

2- Feckin’ stoopid!

hehe… thanks for the welcome!

Well, Ive just bought the bike, the lasting which I think will be bothering me while riding is the cold. I dont ride in snow, I have a second form of transport but every other occasion i prefer the twoo wheeled option!

Welcome to LB & Merry Christmas to ya…

Nice Ben Bostrum impression Bullet Juggler!

Welcome to the comunity Bullet, pull up a fireside seat and enjoy, by the way mines a JD on the rocks please Don’t forget to post pics of your bike in the members bikes post.


I could take your comments seriously if a Ducati was likely to be running long enough and with out the electrics failing for you to have the option to ride it in the snow.

And yes I am some 70’s throwback, but I do have an alternative from of transport and choose through my own stupidity to go out and play on my bike in the snow.

PS did you get out of bed the wrong side or are you just stuck at work like the rest of us ?

Nice pervert impression pete!

Have to say thou, so much fun riding in snow, aslong as not riding on the road.

Welcome to LB

Your first mistake… even considering taking me seriously!

40K outta a 916 in 4 years with no major problems ain’t bad!

It’s 5 years since I sold the 916, after owning a KTM motard for 18 months I was longing for some Italian reliability!

It’s no impression!


You should have checked your warranty cards when you sold those bikes, which were it not for the electrical problems would be truly awesome machines, as I am sure that any Ducati running that long with out problems could have been returned to the dealer for a full refund. So the Ducati boffins could see what they got right for once.

You at work today or just bored at home ?

PS who is the lady in you photos ?

I’m at work, in the office - hope to finish at 2 - then go down to Kent and collect a honda genny for next season.

She ain’t no lady! I hope she gets outta the kitchen, I preper my veg on that worksurface!

(Before you mention it, yes, the carpet needs a good shampoo!)

Hey Bullet Juggler, welcome to LB, and biking in general! When things warm up, there’ll be a load of ride-outs organised, I’m sure. We’ve set aside a forum for this, and just need the right weather for it to come into use. Feel free to make the most of LB to ask questions and get help in any way, we’re all here to help each other.

Hey Fella! Welcome. You picked a good time to start your biking!!