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Hi folks,

My name is Mauro and I post from Rome- Italy. I am 36 and actually I own a GSXR 1000 K3 that I mostly use on track.

That’s all for now…I’ll catch 'u later guys

Welcome Mauro! Enjoy the site mate. How’s the old Rome? I love that place

Well actually we are lucky, sunny days, temp of approx. 20 degree…perfect for riding our bikes. Unfortunately my bike is set up only for race track and therefore I have to jump on my girlfriend bike (CBR600 RR MY 2005) to ride a little…and off course I don’t like to be her pillion


I guess the server is down again!

I’m not a good pillion either mate! The CBR600 is a fun bike



Hi Mauro.

Hows sunny Rome??

Glad you can join us. Nice bike what track do you use?

Hi Mauro! Glad to see you’ve signed up! We’re all quite envious of your ability to enjoy your riding weather! Girlfriend’s bike, or track bike, either way, you’re riding in perfect conditions! It’s cold and raining for us here in London. Now is the time to ride our scooters and add shiney bits to our bikes, and dream of the nice weather next year.

Benvenuto Mauro da una vespista finlandese. Abito a Londra però. Due anni fa ho vissuto a Roma, veramente una città meravigliosa, la mia favorita!

And in english…

Mauro welcome from one vespista Finn. Live in London but. Two years ago I have lived to Rome, truly one wonderful city, my favorite!

Welcome Mauro, Pull up a chair sit back and enjoy the site, there all great people on here, don’t forget to post pictures of your ride in the members gallery. I am also envious of the nice weather you have in Italy.

Welcome…I’ll be the first to order…a large sambuca should do nicely!!!

Dam, forgot about my drink…JD on the rocks please mauro

Welcome !

welcome to the site mauro…mines a diet coke and ice…

Futureproof… Welcome to LB…

I’ll have a Baileys over ice please…

Hello and Welcome mate i’ll have a vodka and coke Hello

Hello and welcome. Enjoy

Hehehe I am astonished as none of you asked for a could beer …thanks for the welcome, I’ll be glad to pay you all a drink, probably a real one when I’ll come in London… I wish it will happen very soon. I am still in love with your city lifestyle, great people, great shopping (indeed expensive), great chanche to easily change job…well that’s the way it was back in 1993 and 1996, I wish it hasn’t changed much now.

It is true that the only think I missed when I spent some time there was the sunny days ( I sayd 'bye to the sun just before landing at Heathrow) and the italian food

I’ll post you some pics of my trackdays A.S.A.P…unfortunately now I am working on night shift and therefore I am far away from my PC…

Jay I saw the video 'u posted on our Motofraciconi forum (it’s a roman biker website)… I am sorry 'u loose the front in Silverstone, unfortunately I haven’t any video of my last crash in Vallelunga…indeed was spectacular but not for my collar-bone

Now I got to go…I got some satellite feeds from the States that requires my attention.

See ya folks

Nice one mate! You are most welcome! Errr, what’s that thing you mention before? Sun?.. What’s that??? Oh! I know ! I used to know him when I wes living in Brazil!

Please post the photos ! We all want ot see it!