New Member with a Cracked Hornet

Afternoon all, had a quick sprint round the site, it looks very good. I ride a Tiger 750 (1975) and a Daytona 595, tried riding them together but prefer one at a time. The Tiger is a great bike, a real old thumper and the Daytona doubles as a great laxative.

I’m a new member and joined to try and get some advice on a bike thats falling apart. To see if anyone has had a similar problem.The bike in question is my missus’s 600 Hornet that has developed a crack in the frame by the radiator on the left had side in line with the head. We’ve been in touch with Honda who said basically “Its beyond economical repair, and the can be no further assistance - Go away”. The bike is 41/2 years old, is cleaned before its taken out and when it comes back, in fact my wife is close to obsessive about cleaning the bike. Its not been dropped or thrashed and we are both at a loss as to why it happened, any ideas or suggestions.

Hope to get up to borough market in the near future.

hi, I’ve no idea on the technical stuff but welcome to LB

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Have your wife owned the bike from new and do you know its entire history?

If yes, i’d take it to a welder for inspection. if the crack is in close proximity to a weld, there may have been a fault in the welding process. Even if there was, not sure Honda would entertain a warranty claim after 4 1/2 years, even if there’s eveidence of shoddy workmanship, good luck

hi and welcome to l/b,theres a web site just for hornets its thehornetsnest post up on there i’m sure thay will point you in the right direction

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