new member SirEisen

Meet two German guys at the MCN show told them about LB and the way it looks they have joined welcome our international friends !!!

Does this mean no more beamer baiting ?


Hello new members! We welcome every bike, not just those in London! Talking of Germany, did anyone see the article in one of the magazines this month about this chap called Thorsten? Crazily-dedicated engineer who has made some equally crazy creations?

I’ve been watching his work a for a while before Bike picked up on it, check it out:

Look at the other bike’s he’s worked on. I emailed him last year asking if he had a K5 project on the way. Sadly not!

need to get in contact with them to test ride the 999 V2
nice job -110 lbs compared to 999s

Hi there,

i am the german biker meet by V2 @ MCN.
Sorry, but the 2nd guy isn´t “EDIT: YET” an biker.

I´m very familiar with london and love this great city very much…

I ride an Yamaha R1 RN12 2004 and realy love this fast bike :wink:

BTW: Sorry for my english, but i´m on the way to improve it afterworks.

greetings from Hannover, Germany


Hello SirEisen, welcome to LB, feel free to post up stories of riding in Hannover as well, we’re not just interested in London!

Guten Tag

Welcome welcome

Don’t worry about your English. Going to be better than our German!

Guten Tag und willkommen, Sir Eisen! Hannover, you say? One of my oldest friends lives there, small world and all that!

a hearty welcome from frankfurt sireisen…hehehe

Welcome to LB m8.

welcome. Great site so hopefully you will get lots out of it for when you are in the UK.

I have a german friend coming to the Isle of Man with me this year. You guys love the island and the bikes, beer etc etc

Das ist alles (the extent of my german)…oh yeah not forgetting Eine beer Bitte!!!

Welcome to LB SirEisen!

Thx 4 the lovely welcome.

My dream is to ride one day with my own bike on tower bridge… don´t know why :wink:

Driving my bike here is very lovely. I live in an FCUKin 5k people village 35 km away from the next bigger city; Hannover.

But best is, 2 highways “Autobahn in german” with at least none speed limit (A2 and A7) are only 25 km away. There is enough place to ride as fast as i like; legaly :wink: and we like going fast…

But most time it´s too full; therefore mostly the max. speed was only around 200 km/h.
I didn´t like driving curves as much as fast tracks forward. But i´m train this one…

Once a week in the summertime is an bigger meeting of biking people on “Georg´s”; every friday in the middle city of Hannover.



Guten Tag mein Freund!

Wie geht’s?

justine - ur german is good - wow