New member saying hello!

Hi guys,

Just got back from my first Borough meet up - thanks to James for bringing me along! I had a great time meeting everybody (who’s names are mostly lost in all the new information taken in today!)

Cheers to Napa121 for getting me back to sidcup… had a great time!

Also, apologies to the fella who was sitting behind my bike as I fired her up as I was leaving… didn’t mean to blast exhaust fumes into your face!


Glad you had fun, mate.


Welcome to LB Mark…

Was good to meet you and a nice little ride home…Cheers for the company.

See you soon for a rideout hopefully…


Hi Mark, for ***s sake don’t look in the ‘Did you miss me’ thread, first impressions and all that :slight_smile: :wink:

Heyyy Mark,

Of course we’ll meet again on BM or for a ride who knows.

Was my fault arriving late. :ermm: Promise will be there earlier next time.

Ride safe,


Hi and 2nd welcome!


Welcome to the party!


Oi oi :slight_smile: glad you had a good time. See you soon :slight_smile:

Welcome to slavery

sorry, wrong forum, welcome to LB :cool:

Hi & welcome :smiley: