new member of the family

I would like to introduce our newist member - Zeus!




Weve Met !!

How big will he grow to.

between 8-10 inch’s!

so cute! Foxy has a really cool leopard gecko…really nice till it comes to feeding time when a) I turn into a complete screaming girl trying to get the locust into its tank and b) he turns into a blood thirsty little blighter trying to rip my fingers off! apart from that really cute! OH YEAH you can see clean through its head too…now thats extra gold stars just for that!

Nice little fellow, is he bite ?

Well he hasn’t mistaken my finger for a cricket…YET, but he is wicked! Being Nocturnal makes him ideal aswell - sleep when were out - come out to play when we get home!

Quiet big then, my misses would freak if i brought one of them home.

When I saw the post I was gonna say “congratulations” and give all this free fatherly advice, but I’m not sure what to say now… I’ve a pest control number handy!!!

Only kidding, I had a doberman called Zues a few years ago, cool name!!


Did you have a Ferrari and a moustache too

aww hes so cute!

He’s my Baby!!

I thought at first feeding him live crickets would freak me out but its not that bad ('cept when they get out!!)

…When I was leavingfor work this morning he was scaling the back of the tank- polystyrene backround looks like a rock/cliff-face…He’s into extreme sports!!

Bless… what a cutie… Mine is 3 years old now, they seem so fragile when they are that small… You sould try feeding him locusts too… They are more fun to watch when feeding, as the little blighters jump all over the place…

Ask BabyJ for feeding tips!!! NOT… lol…