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Weaver Wrote: What are you giggling at Iggy - have a look at Autoroute - you’re almost directly “under” London!!! Now Slough is west of London! These youngsters have no sense of direction.

Oh dear… I’ve only been on here five minutes and I’ve started a ruck.

I would say Staines was more West than South, and I’m only nine miles from Slough. (I work on the Trading Estate) I hope my sense of direction isn’t taking a turn for the worse… I’m a HGV1 driver and need to get myself around the contry, and I don’t use Autoroute.

there is Ashford middx and there is Ashford Kent where the eurostar terminal is

so it can get a bit confusing

but your right middx dont exsit anymore but as you come in to Ashford from the airport you pass a big ‘welcome to surrey’ sign all my letters come marked middx though.

yeah, you tell her street

Right then… we’ll stear clear of Geography.

I’ve got other commitments on the day of the St. Georges ride out. It is a tough one because I want to do both!!! I will get out for a ride out with you later in the year at some point.

BTW… It’s actualy Egham that I live in, just thought everyone may know of Staines, to make it easier.

btw what does that mean, i dont talk the lingo

Weaver, I tell you, you bloody better turn out to be at least size 16! If you’re one of those women who go on and on about their being fat, only to turn out to be size 10, I’ll sue you for breaching the trade descriptions act! And then I’ll stuff all of Suzi’s sandwiches down your throat!

Sorry Bud…BTW = By the Way.

no need to aplogise just keep seeing it, hey if your around friday and you wanna go to the ace pm me we can meet up & ill introduce you to a few faces i know…

Don’t finish until late on Fridays. My job has me away a few nights during the week, so it’s awkward to plan anything other than at the weekends. Can usualy do most Sunday’s.

yeah no probs, working next weekend but, should be done by late afternoon so maybe then ill see nearer the time i just want to get to know everyone you know then when the sun is shining ive always got someone to ride the rubber road of freedom with

Hi Iggy welcome, I am not too far from you I live in Addlestone

Hiya matey.

Welcome to the madhouse. Just helped my mate move to Bedfont today, so’s mite be able to meet up with ya down that end sometime.

You’ll like it lots here, we’s all as mad as hatstand.

Welcome to LB mate. Hopefully I shall see you out and about sometime. I am quite often around the boxhill area.

Hi Iggy, welcome to LB, we are neighbours !! I also tell people I live near Staines, it saves explaining exaclty where Egham is . . . . . . .you only have to look at how confused this 'orrible lot have got in the space of 5 pages

Will keep a look out for you around, for some reason I seem to remember seeing a CBR like yours outside the Crown ?

Hi there,

And welcome…


Welcome to the site

Sounds like there’s a few of us in this area. Been watching the “TW” thread too. So as the summer gets here…??? we’ll have to do a TW, West London ride out. Maybe from the Ace to Boxhill via some nice scenary?

Thanks for the welcomes everyone - look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

we could have a ride out from the tw neck of the woods out to box via the black swan/ mucky duck at ockham

any takers?