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Thought I’d sign up and say hello, live near Staines and get upto the Ace now and then and Boxhill.

Ride a 1995 Honda CBR600 FS (Red and Black). Passed DAS in September last year, so still tip-toeing around the corners. Never mind… soon be summer!

Welcome to LB, Iggy! I’m about ready for something alcoholic now, so how about a Bailey’s?

Welcome to LB iggy, mines a JD on the rocks please mate.

Welcome to LB mate im from West drayton get to box hill a fair bit too, lots of nice peeps here. we have a Big ride on the 23rd see ride outs get ya name down all you need to know is in the 1st post its gonna be a blast

Hey Iggy, welcome to LB, hope to see you at the Ace sometime. Welcome to the wonderful world of biking Keep it sticky-side-down…

aaaahem, er staines west london

Welcome, I am on your bikes older sister by one year the FR. Hopefully will upgrade to a blade this year.

Hello and welcome Iggy…

Thanks for the welcomes.

Looks like I’ve just run up a big bar bill.

i dont think so, looked in my a to z its 10 mins from the m4 how can it be south i live 10 mins from the m4 and this classed as west london but its ok one day i will get something wrong too, just not today

staines is next to heathrow, your telling me heathrow is south london???

Croydon, merton, sutton, bromley, are south of london staines is not i know its not directly west but its closer to west than south your miles out i lived very close to Heathrow all my days and its all ways been west london remind me never to get directions from you weaver unless i want to end up somewhere i dont want to be

welcome to the site iggy

i am also just up the road from you in Ashford, try and get out on the St Georges day run?

welcome to animal house dood I’ll have a bottle of Genepe and a straw please :slight_smile:

weaver you have it so wrong yes ashford is in kent but there is also another near staines, ashford middlsesx if you look at a map of london its just beneath the airport between staines and feltham which is probably suffolk by your geographics…

i know but its still used as a subsidery and every letter i get still has it on so i still use it

Dude welcome to LB…

Whatever you ride, whatever your skillz, as long as you love the ride you cant go wrong!!!

Thats the best thing about this site is not realy compitive.

Just don’t get us started on geography…