New member hello

Hello fellow bikers,

I’m Alex, I live in East London, I’m Scottish, but been in England about 12 years, London about 3 years. I just got into biking recently. I did my CBT and theory last October. I attempted DAS with 2 days of training, but put my foot down on the uturn on the test. Since then I’ve been hibernating over winter :slight_smile:

Anyway, today my first bike arrived, so I’m going to be enjoying some time on a 125 over the next few months before thinking about upgrading.

I’m also going to try and do some servicing / maintenance on my own, so if there are good Samaritans here who would like to help, that’s be really cool.

Welcome Alex.

I highly recommend you book yourself on a maintenance course at the - the course will teach you some basic concepts to keep your bike in good safe condition and also it will help you when you go to upgrade later on. The OMC also rents fully equipped workbenches for bikers who want to do their own maintenance - so could be good for you!



Hi Alex, East London eh…I will keep an eye out for you then :smiley:

hey bro. chain that bike with a boat chain at the least before you become a statistic :ermm:

other than that …OMC as posted above for a fellow spanner wielder

and enjoy it :slight_smile:

Hey dude. I live up the road from you in Whitechapel.

Definitely check out the OMC. Buy yourself a Haynes Manual too. That’ll help with the maintenance .
PM me and we’ll go for a ride or something.

Thanks for warm welcomes :slight_smile:

SimoninEssex - I’m gonna give OMC a call about maintenance training see if I can get a spot.

Columbo - cheers , will drop you a PM !!


welcome !

Hi mate and welcome !

You have just missed the newbie night on Monday at the Ace. There will be another one soon, I suppose.
I`m a newbie to biking myself (ish), got back on the bike after 4 years of not riding. If you wanna come for some newbie paced rideouts for a bit of practice, PM me.

Welcome to LB Alex

Enjoy your new toy and hopefully while Rusty is looking out for you he won’t notice me nipping through :wink:

Hi Alex and welcome, very nice wheels.


Hi and welcome :smiley:

ha ha nipping through…I just watch out for the wake :smiley:

yo alex. welcome mate! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :smiley: Better late and all that :blush: