New member from woodford with new ER6N

Hi all. My name is Pascal and I am from Woodford in north east London. I have just took delivery of my new Kawasaki ER6N. This is my first proper big bike however I will not be riding this until April when I have an extra years NCB. So far I have been on the road for 2 years and 9 months. I started on a small 50cc scooter when I was 16 and between this time and now I have had a Yamaha xt 125, Derbi terra 125 and piaggio liberty 125. I am a full time biker and commute by bike to work and college. Until April I will be riding my liberty 125 :frowning: Looking forward to talking to all of you and being a part of the community. Will defo come to some meets in the summer.




Hi and welcome aboard. Bike looks great.

Welcome. Great bike. It’s going to be hard to wait for April :slight_smile:

Welcome Pascal - bike looks great and waiting until April will be kind to that shiny paintwork/chrome as well as your wallet. Make sure it is covered over the winter and you might even want to spray it with ACF50 (anti corrosion) to keep it nice and protected while it sits there.

welcome to LB! and that bike looks really nice

Hi and welcome

Did my DAS on one, excellent bike,

Hi and welcome!

Did my DAS on one… I’m glad you like it.


Welcome mate- love the bike.

Hi all. thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: Will defo have to buy some acf50 and on a dry warmer day put it on the metal components. While I am on the subject of corrosion I have noticed some on my chain. I am quite p***ed of about this because when the sales rep from Bournemouth kawasaki dropped it off to me he said they put lube on the chain. I touched it and found no lube or wax. I immediately grabbed my chain lube, sprayed the chain a lot and spun the wheel round. Hopefully this will keep it protected for now.


Welcome , why did you not just break a branch off a tree and flog yourself with that ? It may be less painful than having that sitting at home and going out everyday on a 125 and certainly cheaper :laugh:

Welcome! Great bike. :wink:


I could not wait till April. :w00t:

hehe. Im struggling to hold on loool. Cant wait for the summer though.


hehe. Im struggling to hold on loool. Cant wait for the summer though.


Welcome to LB mate!!! :slight_smile: