New member from SW London

Hi All,

I’ve finally got round to signing up, after being reminded by a few members on the Ace Cafe’s XMas toy run last Sunday.

My name is John, and I ride a Blue '04 Yamaha XT660X Supermoto. I’ve met a few members at various meets in the past (Biker Biker, say hello!)

I live in South West London, and am normally up for rideouts, especially into Surrey/Box Hill.

Unfortunatly, I picked up a rear tyre puncture yesterday, so will be off the road for a week or two…

So, Hello to all!


P.S - Pic of my bike and my lid attached, to help you recognise me!




Welcome To Lb - Don’t forget our xmas party is tomorrow at the Brazen Head!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the welcome, and the party invite! Unfortunatly tomorrow is my work Xmas party too, so won’t be able to attend. But I do look forward to meeting you all on rides and other meets in the new year!


welcome home

welcome welcome

cool bike mate. Hope u get tyre sorted soon…


Again, thank you for the warm welcome!

Yeah - the tyre is a pain in the ass, as it puts me out of action for a bit… And I HATE commuting on the train… A 40 min journey on the bike takes 80 mins on the train…

I’m looking forward to meeting up with all of you in the early part of the new year. Just let me know if you are heading to Box Hill or, well anywhere really!


welcome to the site

welcome to lb,nice wheels

Here, Storm, have a friendly welcome POKE* with the newbie stick!

And let me know if you’re heading towards Box, that’s just down the road from me.

* did you notice, I colour-coordinated your POKE with your bike? See, we really duz care!

Hey and welcome! I’m from your way too. Nice bike!

See you around soon!

This is cool, lots of replies to give me a warm and fuzzy feeling for my first thread!

Looking forward to getting out and meeting you all!

I have a question actually…

I’ve met several members with very cool LB hoodies with their usernames on the back… how do I get me one of those!!!


He he! That sounds like our friends at - another worthy forum of like minded souls on two wheels!

However our hoodies are white or grey and are available here along with a load of other stuff… including our CHARITY CALENDAR:

Ooops! Bit a faux pas from the newbie!!!

Nah! There are other forums in London and many on here are members on these boards too. You’ll likely to see peeps in all sorts of kit at meets or out and about - the important thing is we all love bikes and biking!

Hey Storm - Whereabouts in SW London are you?

I’m SW18 by the way

Hey Storm, welcome to LB!