new member from Surrey

Hello all looking forwed to warm weather and maybe meeting some of you for rideouts.

welcome to the madness

Hi welcome to LB

blimey thats a long name innit :stuck_out_tongue:

oh… Hi :smiley:

And grammatically incorrect “too”!

Welcome to LB - there is a Surrey Rideout happening (probably this Sunday) - check out the thread in the rideouts section.

I is not bovvered bout engrish! I use all my brainz to count my moolah at the pumps yo!:P:D

lol. typical Commonwealth attitude! :smiley:

Us dodgy Saffa’s fit in just fine then :smiley: Sucked into the system:crying:

welcome to LB :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB :cool:


hello and welcome

Welcome To LB
What’re Your Riding ?