New Member from South West London

New member here. I met a couple of your members last weekend (Chips and SilverR6) on a ride out and decided to join the forum.

About me: experienced rider, Repsol Fireblade (09) and GSXR 400 (90).

hello from fellow newbie

where abouts in SW london you from?

Very Very very good to see you on the forum :smiley:

Posted in the “Newbie” section, but hardly a newbie at all - great bike & better rider!

Try make it down to BM on Wednesday on that thing, it’s SO nice…


those gsxr 400s are bloody gorgeous…

Hey Chris, thanks for that mate, you’re too kind. I’ll see what I can do for Sunday so will watch the thread.

Leon1984 - hi mate, I used to live in Surbiton so am familiar with the area but now I live Wandsworth/Putney area.

With regards the GSXR400 - I actually bought it off someone from an advert on this forum last year. Its a decent bike but helps if you’re a midget if you want to be properly comfortable.



Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :wink:

Ello and welcome :slight_smile:

hello, welcome :slight_smile:

Hiya and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Welcome Solman (repsol man) !!!

hahah, I should introduce myself too in here, will do soon!!!

Welcome to LB, Im from SW London too, based in Kingston.

Hi welcome to LB:D

Welcome mate

Welcome! Ah GSXR 400… brings back memories. IT was the first proper bike I had experience with riding pillion on a friend’s in Athens with no helmet or jacket in the freezing cold… At one set of traffic lights he gunned it which made my ass almost fall onto the wheel (I was not prepared) and was screaming at him to stop!!!

Hahaha good memories!

Enjoy your stay here and hope to catch you on one of the rideouts…

P.S. I’m in Epsom so a bit more south than west! :slight_smile:

Another south westerner. I’m Surrey, weybridge. I ride through Wandsworth to work. I had an nc30 and like all 400s in that era, like you said, built for the average nap which is like 5th ha.

Welcome, Gixer thou owner.

Welcome M8 Hope to see you soon

just moved from walton :slight_smile:

Nice place, where you now?

surbiton now, closer to mates in kingston and better train links into the city but liked the area out there