NEW MEMBER DEAL: Duke Video Films


Normally the member-deals work for the benefit of the members, allowing them to redeem a discount, though this one is different and we hope you’ll find it just as interesting as it still benefits the community indirectly.

We’ve negotiated a deal with Duke Video that means when you visit their site from the deal page we’ve setup and buy something from them, you’re helping to support LB. It costs a lot of money each month to run the site and cover our overheads, this is all being paid for out of the pockets of those who help to run the site.

We believe the products that Duke Video have are so good, that we’ve bought a whole load ourselves! They have AMA, BSB, WSB, MotoGP, Road-Racing, Stunts and nearly every other topic in the biking world covered that you can imagine. Visit the deal page we’ve setup to get further details!

Duke Video Deal:

Foxy’s been going on at me to get the 2005 AMA series DVD for a while now, as she doesn’t have the sky channel it’s on, so we keep missing it, so I’ve just bought it. Normally when we’re working on new things for LB, things go by us, as we’re so busy getting them up, but I’m genuinely really taken in by the range they have, it’s a pretty nifty site with a load of films. Smart stuff, going to look at some NW200 & TT IOM dvd’s now as well I think…

I’d agree great site and customer service. I already own a stack of their car and bike vids and DVDs Always room for a few more…