new medal of honor

Anyone played this yet?

was goping to get it the other day but I have not seen any footage, or comments on this so put it back on the shelf…

was going to get it as a stop gap till black ops comes out

supposed to be pretty damn good, different in that you don’t jump around scenerios like you do in the sp element of MW2. And they’re no cherries at FPS games so all in all worth the money surely. Plus if it’s pants their reputation would be shot completely with so much competition out there. It just has to be good.

I considered it likewise (and Halo Reach) but frankly haven’t the time to do it justice. Mebbe after Xmas though.

Trojan’s been on it all weekend so it must be ok :smiley:

I might hold out for Black Ops as well.

Yeah, I’ve got it.

Played some of the single player, and found it pretty good actually. Feels a lot like MW2 but with old MoH elements in there, so there are enough differences from MW2 to make it worthwhile, I think.

I’ve only had one go on multiplayer online and the connection dropped out after a couple of minutes so that was not a good start. I also found it difficult to see the opposing team until close up and got sniped numerous times (my fault probably!) I did look at the online leaderboards and there was someone even on Satruday who had racked up over 24hours online play, so it must have some appeal!

The “limited edition” I got as a pre-order also includes the old WW2 PS2 game Medal Of Honour: Frontline - you know, the one with the D-Day landing? Played part of this first level and although it is a bit dated now, it was still enjoyable. Nice to be able to play it on the PS3, as having sold my PS2 when I got my PS3 earlier this year I had to sell all my old games.

I’ve spent hours playing the game - another way for me to lose days of my life !!

Single Player - I enjoyed this but thought it could have been longer. Probably only about 4 hours play time in total. There is a version of the single player that you have to play online for ‘medals’ but that is timed version of the single player repeated (the Tier 1 missions).

Multi Player - really enjoyed this. I’m a big BattleField 2 fan and found that the maps were not as big but due to them being smaller the game is very quick and you’re face to face with the ‘enemy’ almost as soon as you spawn. That is one bad point in that in other games (BF2) the start spawn area is out of bounds to the opposition but not in the case of MOH, so that equals on occasion a lot of campers shooting you as you spawn.

My opinion only - if you’re skint, wait till Call Of Duty Black Ops comes out, if you need some quick intense online multiplayer action before mid November and you’re getting bored with BF2 or Modern Warfare then grab this.

I’ve come across a couple of glitches in the single player - when you park up your ATV at one point the game got me off the thing but left me stranded stuck in the scenery. So I restarted the level and this time it didn’t let me off at all! Third time was ok. There are also a couple of moments elsewhere where the motion hangs for a second, which was slightly irritating.

That aside, I’m quite enjoying the single player.

the single player was pretty good, but at less than 4 hours far too short :frowning: the multi player, well for me it depends on which map and server, I have found a couple of servers where the games last 15+ mins but a lot where they are only 5mins! lots of people just spawn sitting and popping people as they spawn, the graphics are not bad, but surprisingly not destructible ? after BFBC2 I would have thought this would be a standard feature? I will stick with BFBC2 at the moment as my main game although I’ve even gone back to COD2 :w00t::P:P

COD 2 best one ever and i still play it !!!

I beta tested this game and was not impressed…i think BFBC2 has set the standard…and i would like to see COD go back to dedicated servers on the PC…its whats let the last one down in my honest opinion…

6/10 for me

Ye if MW2 had servers and not that s**** iwnet it would have been a great game, but black ops will revamp cod as its got servers back again :smiley:

I downloaded this game off of STEAM for my PC and this has caused me nothing but massive problems…

My PC crashed and needed repairing…Then it gave me the blue screen of death and needed fixing again…

Pissed me right off, I can play it Multiplayer but not Single player…how does that work???