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New Machina

Picking up a sports bike in winter probably isn’t the most sensible decision, but then bikes are not a logical past time :sunglasses:

Wasn’t sure if the Aprilia RS660 was quite right, even though I fell in love with it when I test rode it back in October… but when I saw the acid gold (which took AGES to order), it was lust at first sight.

And it’s the same size as the Duc so just need to readjust my perspective for sports bikes because the GS is HUGE in comparison :laughing:

So yeah, bring on the track adventures with @Jay in 2022 :motorcycle:


Ooohhhhh, that’s nice! Happy New Bike Day :heart_eyes: - that’s going to look great under the Christmas tree. As lairy and in your face as the gold is, I love it and it’s def’ The Best of the three available


Well done Claire :smiley:
hope you enjoy, not sure about the red wheels though


That’s loud!! And I don’t mean the exhaust


Thats very nice, how many cylinders does it have?

Parallel twin. 2 :upside_down_face:

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