New lows on the internet

Stumbled across this trying to remember my car reg this morning. It’s appalling. Enjoy.

Pheww, none of my Vehicles are on there…Yet :slight_smile:

Holy shit… people get bored… You gotta be miserable to post comments there.

I wonder if I could prosecute them if I ever find my plate with nasty comments

Essex police now have an email address you can report bad drivers to

Well then screw Essex police for doing that, freaking vigilante and fear state they want us to live in, meanwhile bikes get stolen like candy…

Yeah, those bastards not letting you pick-and-choose which laws get enforced!

Everyone’s plate will be added by end of theday, I’ve got a few hours to kill :slight_smile:

LOL @ Big Red S :slight_smile:

The Law i have decided to ignore is the Loud Exhaust Law :slight_smile:

Ohhh here is @Big Red S, or supermorals hero! citizens should not do police work. On that note did I tell you that I got off with a 50% discount on my bus lane fine? XD!

Hey, it’s nothing to do with morals, I just like an argument! Good going on the discount, though! Bloody foreigners, coming over here, contesting their fines… :slight_smile:

hahahha indeed my friend! I’ll see you this afternoon, I have a theory about why you should contest all the fines no matter how wrong you are, but I’ll give you the details today at BM if you are around.

i would like to hear that theory very much too :smiley:
unfortunately, i cant make it to BM :frowning:

Ok, I’ll try to make it mega short…

Ultimately if you refuse to pay a fine the matter will be most likely to be taken to court for a judge to decide, this can cost the relevant council more money in costs than the value of the fine itself. So the council will be always more prone to offer you a % discount or cancel the fine, rather than taking you to court.
In my case I was both times in the wrong and both times out of the time to pay the discounted rate, but in both times they came back offering me a 50% discount (2 different councils). I have no other option but to pay since I’m a poor bastard that can’t afford lawyers, but imagine that this happens to one of the many millionaires that live in London, for them it would be pure enterainment, even if they lose in the end.

On other ocassions out of compasionate grounds they’ve cancelled my fine. Hence why I think you always should be contesting the fine, no matter what or who is right. For councils, whatever revenue is better than having to pay lawyers, specially for such small things as parking and traffic violation fines.

I get your reasoning behind it, but what happens if they do decide to make an example of you? your £60 fine could now end up costing hundreds

@Marmablade, that’s a risk. It could happen

And the money that the council loses or extra spent on chasing comes out of its annual budget and reduces the services provided for residents in that borough …

Jeeesus, the first post is someone complaining about a driver who didn’t let them out at a junction. Either they are used to a much higher standard of driving than me or they must spend their entire lives posting minor driving niggles.

Entertaining website Neillo. What miserable sad b****** spends their time posting to it, and do they actually think they are making a difference.
Just watched the video on there of ‘Bristol Cyclist’ being ‘cut up by a red BMW’… anyone else would shrug it off or shout a comment at the driver at most. Bristol Cyclist films it, posts it to YouTube, and puts it on Aspergers?