New Lone Rider, Need some race buddies!!

Hi ppl I just passed my DAS last month and got myself a K6 GSXR!! Loving it too bits!!!

My problem is all my mates are too pussy to ride bikes and I need some rider buddies!!!

If you live in or around Central London and got the same problem as me, and wanna meet up for rides from time to time let me know!!

Welcome to LB:D


Welcome to LB :slight_smile: Come down to th Newbie night or BMM on a weds or Ace on a friday night… you can meet alot of us there :slight_smile:

you just got your licence and you get a k6 gsxr 600?

Hi and welcome aboard.

Choprocker U must be retarded or mentally disabled, this section is called newbies right? So u think ppl who have been riding for years are gonna come on the newbie section?!?

get a life and comment on the answer to the question u twat!!

Yes they will - the Newbies section is for people new to the forum, not new to biking necessarily.

No comment on the rest of your remarks.

Try here for starters : LINK:POh … and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

I think you’re the retard… As someone has pointed out above this section is for people new to the forum not necessarily new to riding bikes!

Air hair lair…:smiley: i live in Maryleboner, whereabouts are you?

Ignore these lot. Welcome to LB.

There’s a great run which happens on Sunday mornings which’ll be ideal for you. No pussies allowed. Early start from Epping.

Look up the BCR.

Enjoy the ride.

i should just point out however im not really into racing, only drag racing from the lights…:smiley:

Just ‘drag’ more like :wink:

, well lets face it, you couldnt squeeze your legs into a dress lol:D

Welcome to LB, I ride alone too :cool:

Welcome to LB

Not what we heard. We thought he got into a lot of knickers actually (unless that’s just his image):wink:

As has been said, the newbie section is for people new to LB, some have been riding for years, personally i’d have been quicker to edit that post, before you jump down someone’s throat :wink: and before someone else got a chance to quote it. :smiley: Remember that having a 600 sports bike does not automatically make you a good rider, you’ll be a learner for a few years. :slight_smile:

I did, i bought a CBR600RR an hour after passing my DAS :smiley: haven’t crashed it yet and now i’m on a blade. just learning a little quicker now thats all :w00t:

me too…although i went for a 2008 R6. bloody love it but after just over a year of having my license its track only for me. racing next year so no funds for a road bike anymore.

oh and welcome to LB:) hopefully see you on a trackday sometime!