New: weekly Podcast!

Well it’s finally here - the very first podcast.

We thought it was about time that London’s motorcyclists had a voice to air their interests, concerns and points of interest, and so now you can catch up on all the major happenings and discussions going on for bikers in the London area every week. Matthew Cashmore and Tasha Crook will be presenting the show and everyone is invited to take part. If you have any feedback about the shows, or would like to contribute ideas or material, then please email us at: [email protected]

What’s a Podcast?

A Podcast is much like a radio show, but instead of having to tune in at a specific time, you can download and listen to them at any time that suits you. They’re very convinient and you can listen to them on your computer or iPod if you have one, when on the go. Podcasts are in the lime-light at the moment as they allow people to listen to high quality content at their leisure, and in privacy.

Full Details:

“HEY” “THAT IS QUALITY”… Quality……What a “Superb Job”…

"Thats gonna be “BIG”…“Fantastic”…

“Take a Bow Guys”…I LOVED IT…

“Eastend Contract” out on all three of ya over the lid !!!..“Tacky”…“White Van Man”

NICE PODCAST !!! will have a weekly podcast! How great is that?? Our fellow member mattcbf600 is on control of our Podcast productions and will certainly entertain you.

LB want’s to talk about everyting that concerns to the Londonbikers life. For that we will need your help! If you have any issue about biking in London that is stuck in your throut, please submit your idea/story to us on [email protected]. We are very interesteed on hear from you. If you are chosen, you will be invited to come to the studio and tell to the biking community your story/issue.

As you all know, if you have spoken to us behind LB, that we are very passionate about LB and biking. Let’s work together to improve our biking conditiions in London. The idea is to have a chat with white van drivers, taxi men, AGV drivers, pedestrians, car drivers, cyclists, politicians, police, traffic wardens, anyway anyone that affects our everyday on our motorbikers. Let’s discuss our issues and diferences, lets learn with it and grow together. The reality is that we will never have the roads only for us, so let’s live is harmony.

Stop complaining and spit it out! lol

It’s not just about the ‘bad’ side and issues! tell us your experience with LB? tell us about your biking experiences, meets with the law, falls, ride outs, racing, anythin that the community can learn a bit with! It’s all about you, it’s all about us!

Submit your ideas to [email protected]

We are working hard to improve your ride!

:slight_smile: Gosh! Thanks guys.

Fantastic stuff guys. Can’t wait for the next

Now back to the shat room

Oh! man… I knew someone would pic it up… I tell you what Mini_mo… I had no idea of what in the hell they were laughing so much about???

Matt only told me what was it about in the pub afterwards… Not fair… Please can we forget that? and move on? … Not funny! lol

This is brilliant! Nice one Matt and co. We’ll get a section setup on the site to promote it, send out a newsletter and show people how to subscribe to it. This is going to be fab, there’s so many people we can pull in for this, it’ll certainly make my working life more interesting

I did laugh !!! Listened to it on the train home and the whole SHAT room thing , did made me laugh like a girl everytime it came up …

This was excellent quailty in content, production and idea… Well done guys I hope i can find a way to offer a contribution soon.

As it happends my web store ( ) has a mug just for you Cezar

Hahaha, yeah, Cezar needs one of those Lee!

Just listened to the podcast…Brilliant!

The whole shat room thing killed me!!

Looking forward to the next one!

Not fair you lot picking on a poor ‘foreigner’, and I said chat! CHAT ROOM!


PMSL… Fooking brilliant… I like it a lot Matt, Nice one fella! Looking forward to next week…

I will never be taken seriously again after all this ‘shit CHAT!’ …

If you have iTunes you can go straight there by clicking on this url:

If you don’t have itunes yet? Just get it from here:

Then subscribe to podcast. It’s free and we will have a new episode per week!


you mentioned in the post to click on “art work” in itunes player to see the pictures you took on the day, where is the tab for art work…I cant find it anywhere on my player !!!

Barro! It’s on the top menu:

-Show Artwork!


itunes exp.JPG

Have you storted yuor iTunes barro?

I don’t have this Itunes stuff, but listened to it using the other link and windos media player.

It was great, really enjoyed it and it sounded very very professional, a huge well done guys.

Would be nice to see some pics of it, gallery type if you can … sorry, I know you’ve got enough to do !! Just being curious to see what it looks like and of course it would be good if the voice over girl was in some of the pics !!

voice over girl is in the pics Torjan but you can only see them using iTunes :frowning:

best way - works on a PC too!