New lid

Starting to see how bad the build quality on a £80 lid is.

I’ve been looking at the Shoei XR1100 and the Shark Vision R
Anyone got one one of these and can comment on how they are in the long run?
I’ve tried them both on and they fit really nice but the shoei required the cheek pads to be changed so I wasn’t perma-duckfacing.
Also, do they fit a Scala Rider?

Go to the Peterborough trade show this weekend and you’ll get a real bargain.

I’ve loved both my XR1100s… :slight_smile:

Pinlock did get a bit messed up but that’s cause I would throw the visor wherever… One slight issue with bugs that somehow got in, but nothing major.

@Dan Wont have disposable cash until next month.

@Serrisan Thanks for the help. Any idea about the Scala?

Nope… but I would assume it fits? :smiley:

When we assume it makes an ASS out of U and ME

I’d rather get a definite yes from someone before spending that much on a lid =P

In this scenario, there is no potential for me being made an ass… :smiley:

And the answer to your question would have been easily found with a simple Google search :slight_smile:

Or a ring to any decent helmet shop? :cool:

<3 Thanks bud!

I recently purchased the 2010/11 XR1100 for £260, down from around £450 as it was the old design.

Nice and light, comfortable easy on the neck.

Good lid.

Erm… Isn’t the < + 3 usually a shortcut for a heart??.. lol :smiley:

Yes it is. I dont see the issue?

I found the excuse I need. I dropped my lid when out on delivery last night!

I’ve had a Shark Vision for the past 16 months, using it every day and it’s been a good helmet in terms of comfort. But it’s very airy - good in the summer time, not so good in the winter and it’s quite noisy. I took out the inner liners to give them a wash and the top one gets unstuck now every time I put it on. I remedied that with the good old black tack, but it’s far from ideal. Would I buy another one? Probably not. It is the best helmet I’ve had so far but in comparison to my other half’s AGV, it didn’t do as well in terms of durability. I guess it’s a fairly decent helmet for the money, but I did expect better quality to be honest. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I figure i’ll go for the XR1100