New lid ?

Loving this as a replacement for my Carhart that got damaged… The only problem is it’s not available till March 

Do I buy a temp lid till then ?


Arai Thomas.jpg

That’s a peach of a helmet and a cracking design…Decision,Decisions !

Only you can decide.

Worth waiting for but what do ya do meanwhile ?

Ow, very different! I think I prefer the original though to be honest. Get a plain one and a custom paintjob

Excellent news ! Deano Thomas’s new design! I loved it when I saw it at Croft for the first time and wondered…

Reckon I might be tempted

its a cracking looking lid, but if my experiances with the haslem lid are anything to go buy u wanna goto an Arai dealer and pre-order it as soon as poss,
if ure looking for a temp arai in the meantime we got a load of old race reps going cheap (personally tho id wait)