New lid

Just picked one of these babies up. Got a really good deal from Rex Judd, cheers guys. In fact this week as I have finally decided it was time to buy a new D-SLR camera I have dropped over a grand on new toys for myself… and I’ve only spend £90 on presents for the family so far… :blush:

WOW mate that`s a beaut.

Why don’t the pod stripes line up with the rest?:w00t:

cheers JP. They had several to choose from but I like the old Skool look of this lid :slight_smile:

Must be nice to have parents with money :D:)

Nice lid J :cool:

very nice!

Very nice lid…

look good in your new car;)


That’s fab Jamie! I love the Edwards rep :slight_smile: Are you going to be using it in your new car?

I’m sorry but if I was paying £500odd for replica I’d expect the fuggin stripes to line up.

Picky Chunky:cool:

Agree with ya on that point chunks also dont go lobbing yourself down the road trying to copy edwards as ya got a rep lid :slight_smile:

that’ll look great in your CAR jamie:D.smiled:D.

oh yeah… that is right. I spoke to my dad about it and I have promised only to ware it while walking down the street or just to have as a nice addition on my coffee table in my living room… I’m not going to buy another bike, honest! :smiley:

you planks… :cool:

Nice one J, I will fell much safer on a rideout with ya :D:)

I had another dream this morning… I’d bought another Gixxer and maxed it doing 186 down a nice straight bit of country road, but then was coming up to a T junction fast. Hard on the breaks, straight through junction into someones front garden and only just about stopped before going through their living room window lol :smiley:

You and your dream eh Jamie, got any nice female related one’s you can post in the adults room! LoL

Hey J glad you got your new lid sorry I missed your calls was a bit of a mad weekend, did you get a great deal from Alex or John.

the guys at Rexx Judd are quality when it comes to saving money on good gear.

Yeah cheers mate. John sorted me out. Paid an extra £50 to get the top of the range lid, compaired with the 06 design Viper GT I had seen online. They did have a 07 ‘Sinister’ Viper GT that was cheaper but I was not so keen on the design. From the RX-7 I had to either Harger rep (like yours) three of the Edwards or Nakano to choose from. I went for this one as it is a bit different, don’t think I’ll be seeing many others about.They have loads of lids in stock if anyone else wants to go and have a look. They are doing great deals so that they can clear some stock before the new range come out. Just mention LB :slight_smile: