New lid

Got a new lid and went for something that’s not boring like my last two.


Very nice.

loud :slight_smile:

nicve!! and for some reason i think it suits you very well!! :wink:

They’ll see you coming!

(Or should that be ‘they saw you coming’? :P)

like it - is it based on a Japanese racers lid?Love the Porcupine!

Is there a Japanese racer known as the Porcupine? :smiley:

Very nice. :slight_smile:

Nolan make great lids - nice one!!

well here’s my new lid which i got yesterday, what do you think

thread hijacker :crazy: lol

both lids are cool :cool:

I was going to say the exact same thing!! How rude. Your lid is nice but not as good as mine! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry people :crying:

Only kidding mate. How much did your lid cost you? Looks expensive but very nice.

thats alright then lol, im not to sure what it cost my brothers bought it for me for my birthday i had an agv before but this arai is a much better fit