New Lid!

:slight_smile: Finally got my new lid and I’m chuffed with it. :slight_smile:




very smart mate, looks the business.

How much was that? I’m looking for a new lid, not too sure what to get. The simpson gives me a neck ache - now my riding position had changed.

pm sent

Nice lid and nice bright colours - thinking of getting a brighter coloured lid myself than the usual black/grey item in the hope that i become less invisible! :slight_smile:

Nah, that won’t work - what you need is a car… or better still something which will actually hurt them if it hits them…armoured Land Rover?

yeah - I can’t see many cagers messing with that thing. :wink:

Very smart mate.

Sid I have to say that this lid is the absolute mutts.

I can’t believe I have been putting up with a matt black Caberg for the last three years. Not that there’s anything really wrong with the Caberg but by comparison the X-lite is a completely different class. I used it for the first time on the way in this morning and wow!..

The visor didn’t mist up once, the ventilation was well ventilation (rather than a ‘jetstream’;)), the thing was so quiet I thought my exhausts had fallen off, it’s light, fits like it a head-glove, AND the best and most suprising thing…queueing cagers were seeing me in their mirrors and actually moving out of my way :w00t: I had no idea that a new lid could have this effect on the traffic but I swear I made it to work 10mins quicker than usual…this is just sublime!! I am now officially a posh lid convert.

I can only recommend that anyone else who has been consoling themselves with flip down inner sunshades etc on their budget lids like I have been wake up and smell the coffee and buy the best lid you can afford.IMO X-lite’s X801-RR rocks!:cool:

That’s good to know L - I’m definitely up for one of these lids now - i’ll get an equally colourful but different design to yours - as I don’t want to cramp your style! ;):smiley:

Bought mine from Busters Accessories last weekend for £200! …but it looks like they’ve put the price back up to £340 now…no consolation for anyone else but makes me feel even better about it.:slight_smile: