New lid time

I am probably going to go down the AGV gp tech route . Has anybody got one and would like to comment on it , or would like to suggest anything else ??

Noisy. At 50/60mph. Which is strange as its a racing helmet. Even with all vents closed it sucks up a hell of a lot of air. I tend to tuck my neck gator thingy up into the lid to cut out some of the wind. But noisy.

Don’t remember my shoei being so noisy.

Very very nice plush fabrics inside the GP Tech though :smiley: Very comfy indeed!

Go to a shop and find the best fitting helmet.

Went to the shop to get an agv gp tech . Ended up with one of these , perfect fit . and my bike and leathers are black with a bit of white . so i knew it makes sense… Have to wait for the postman though as they didnt have this colour in my size …

What you reckon ??

Yup, the XR110 is my lid of choice!

And the new designs are looking better and better! :smiley:

blaaaaand :smiley: I’d have stuck with a limited edition druidi gp tech :smiley:

i do love the crazyness!

Yep your right , must be the male time of the month or something… Shop was ok with me changing my mind ,went for my first choice and cheaper only £335 for a gp tech

Good man. Loud and proud :smiley:

None of this black and white, shite :w00t:

X-Lite X802 is my favourite lid, n using by lots of worldclass racer around the world also cheaper than AGV GP Tech