New Lid For Summer!

I just bought a Shoei X-Spirit Kiyonari Black for the summer as I’m not riding this winter coz I have a car with heating, lol. Anyhoo I can’t wait til it arrives and for the meantime heres a pic…



My New Kiyonari Black X-Spirit.JPG

very nice… wil suit ya bike a treat… u gt black leathers then?

I have a Shoei X-Spirit in Kato colours, great lid.

I have a nice set of Alpinestars leathers which go perfectly! Time to get some new boots though I think… X-Spirits are like TOTR so I expect its going be amazing! Cant wait til it comes, apparrently it had to be special order so I’m not sure when its going to get here. The suspence is killing me already!


That’s a nice lid! Enuff said

its quality - much better venting and i find the fit is miles better than the xr1000 (which is saying something as i thought was pretty good when i had one as my previous lid)

sweet lid - love the dragons… but then I would wouldn’t I :slight_smile:

wow, want to swap for my sweaty head smelling XR1000?


That looks the business all right…

Sweet Hen

Yea love it, thanx for the replies. Needed something to match the bike really and this is it!

I know what you mean Ben, I love the fit too, and feels like how much it costs! Price isnt the worry anyway, safety first!!! lol

Cheers Andrew, havent spoken in a while man, so we gotta catch up soon…