New lid by Carter-FortyOne

Thought I’d pop up a pic of my new lid designed & painted by Jay @ Carter FortyOne. I think it’s pretty cool myself and if you want one yourselves have a look on the link and give him a call :cool:

Not many folk out there willing to help a struggling racer in these hard times and Jay has been great doing what he can. Anyone else wanting to sponsor a very very poor rider trying very hard give me a shout :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to be able to enter BSB Stock 600’s & some more Televised Thundersport GB rounds but we just don’t have any wonga :hehe:

p.s. anyone see me launch it down the track on TV last night??






Nice lid fella, good job done :slight_smile:

Very nice:D
I wonder if Jay could do me a cool wasp design for my AGV stealth mmmmmmm:cool:

like the exhaust scorch marks, i though that was an ogk! didnt know you could still get them anywhere seb?

didnt see ya crash mate sorry, could you do it again and i’ll watch this time!!? :wink:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

It is indeed an OGK, and i’m pretty sure you can still buy them as there is still a UK importer for them. I love the look & the fit is the best I’ve found.

What would folk have done to theirs then??

Wasp - a wasp lid would look cool :cool:

If you catch the Thundersport GB round on Motors TV (repeats this week a few times) you’ll see me in the Pirelli Superstock 600 race :wink:

Nice lid mate, looks very cool…

Will set the sky+ to record :slight_smile:

Cool lid mate.

Is there anywhere I can watch a replay of your race?

Cheers and good luck man :slight_smile:

schweet lid:cool:

that pic rocks sebster…u look…fuggin on it!!:w00t::w00t: PIN IT!!!:smiley: