New Lid at Last

Well today I decided to splash out on a new lid, after trying a loads of lids I decided on the Aria Corsair RX-7. Just got it in plain black as its cheaper also there isn’t one that goes with my new jacket O well.

Also I got bord and stuck on my new LB stickers


Aria 3.jpg

Aria 1.jpg

Aria 2.jpg

Wow…that is a nice looking lid!

I’ve been thinking about the new Nicky Hayden race replica Arai but that flat black looks great too.

Decisions, decisions…LOL

perfect with a black visor…

Yeah I know but I haven’t got enough money for a tinted visor at the mo but when I get some dosh I shove one on

nice lid,now you have the best f**k the rest

V nice Kev.

Nice ‘helmet’ sir

BabyJ sold me one of these last week

I can actually hear after me long journey, and I wasn’t even wearing eyeplugs.

Really nice one! The LB sticker goes so well eh? lol

Mino mo? where’s the LB sticker? lol

Nice one Proj, bet that made the credit card weep. Bravo

I have a shoei raid in black


shoei-raid 010.jpg

I’ve still got an old visor from an Arai Quantum F, I wrote off. I had my other visor on it at the time!.

You can have it if you want mate, it’s been in my cupboard for so long doing nothing! It’s not a black one but is tinted and official Arai. I used to wear it with a black insert to make it dark enough during day, but then take it out at night cos this visor’s British Safety Stamped.

Anyway, you can have it if you want it fella! Let me know

Stealth stickers - silver on silver.

Thanks mate I would like a spare visor, I’m going to have to get a properdark one for winter mornings and the summer though. Been a damn good helmet so far but a bit hard to fit the Autocom system to