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New levers

Over Christmas I had a slight problem, stupidly dropped my bike and damaged the clutch lever (entirely my fault and no I wasn’t pi…ed) need to replace it and quite like the look of the after market short ones rather than the long Honda factory fitted ones. However The online prices go from £25-£250 a pair which is a bewildering difference. I appreciate £25 is probably too cheap but any thoughts as to make and price for a new set? As always any tips gratefully received. Mike (CB 500x 2017).

Can only speak for my own experience. I’ve got a pair of ASV shorty levers which I bought for around a 100 squid many years ago. Dropped my bike a few times, and apart from a few scratches they’re still going strong. I can only assume the cheaper ones would’ve broken apart the first time they made contact with the ground.

Cheap ones can be tempting however i tend to find the cheap sets are not manufactured well and don’t match the operational dimensions required .
Ie if cable clutch the nipple hole are not located well and don’t give a good fulcrum point and clutch action is stiff or getting a decent adjustment is nearly impossible .

I have always had cheepish Chinese knock-offs and have been fine … I guess I always had a bike of decent popularity so no issues with compatibility.

They have also survived a drop or two


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I can confirm. I had few £150 ones and few £30 or so. Main difference was the manufacturer marking or rather lack of it. It’s almost like made in the same place and just branded somewhere.


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Never had a problem with cheap levers


As you can see I have fitted short levers to my Speed Triple. They are the inexpensive ones and do the job. Used 4 sets of these on different bikes with no issues at all. Get what you can afford and are happy to fit.

Dear All
Thanks for all the replies and as usual, useful and informative.
Happy biking.