New Leathers...

Hubby’s just got a new one piece leather suit. Obviously, being new, its a bit stiff… whats the quickest way of breaking the leather in? Is it literally, wear them all day everyday until it softens or does anybody have any other grand ideas? :slight_smile:

wear them

I was about to answer the same thing. Wear them mate.

Tell him that you read in a bike mag that what Rossi does is to get naked, cover himself with baby oil all over, and then put the suit on and stand in a hot room for an hour, doing star jumps.

Won’t do anything noticeable for the suit, but you’ll have a hell of a laugh watching him, if you manage to tell the story in a suitably convincing way :D:D:D

Wear them, wear them and wear them some more.


get him to put them on then lay in bath of warm water, then wear them till they dry and they will mould to him :smiley:



which one have you bought?


You might laugh, but that actually works. :wink:

Get HIM to do the housework in them :smiley:


In the days when they were built from dead Mastedons (Mastodons if you prefer) the received wisdom was that sleeping in them was good.

Good for what, I’m not sure.

Now there’s a thought. Baby oil and sleeping in them. You could wet yourself laughing the next morning if he falls for that.

get out riding for a good few hours in them, break em in!

i would just go out and KD it up in teh them, as long as they are comfy doing that teh rest dont matter to me!

he can come over and rake the bloomin leaves up in my garden if he wants to break them in, bloo-dy windy today

I completely agree (and suggested) that just wearing them would probably do the trick but he insisted that put a post up on the off chance that someone might have a better idea than me!!

I’m liking the idea of making him do the housework, although, he wouldnt do it properly anyway so theres no point.

Also liking the baby oil, star jumps idea… trouble is, he’ll only make a mess and I’ll have to clear it up… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, as suggested he’ll just have to get out there and wear them in the conventional way… ! :slight_smile:

get in the bath with them!

SO what’s censored then?

Men?? House work?? No chance. Looks like i’ll be doing the same, off to buy some leathers this weekend.

trust you gabs…:D:P

My rolls of fat :slight_smile: You wouldnt want to see them :D:hehe: