New LB stickers have arrived.

I now have the latest stock of New LB stickers for sale.

I will be at BM on wednesday with some for those of you that wish to purchase them.

They are available as the logo you see at the top of the page or just as the helmet design. They come with either a clear backing or a white background depending on where you wish to stick them.

After some input from our first batch we have reduced the size from 5cm to 4cm which i actually think works much better.

So get yourselves along to BM wednesday and if i can get them so Shane before then i’m sure he will be at BH.

Do you have any of the old ones still for sale?

There are a few of the oval type left.

They are at OMC along with the new t-shirts if you want some?

how much are the stickers? thx

Once you get some keyrings made i will buy stickers then as well.

£1 for the helmet only
£2 for the full logo

I’m a huge fan of the new logo so will probably get a set at some point.