New Lady Spec

Ok, after looking at that R1 car wash thread in the pics forum, Mini-Mo suggested that I’d need a young lady to complete the scene (and an R1 etc… but never mind).

My thread is this :

What are the attributes (not just physical) that you think my new girlfriend (the poor sole) would need?

I know most of you don’t know me, but that should be more fun, so get to it.

Spec and build me a girlfriend.

Firstly she should have loads of gorgeous friends!

Who are intrested and ride bikes and have a brain so you can talk about anything other than shopping and nails

plus a nice asssssssssss

With a safty feature of some good airbags !!!
who likes buying you presents
Enjoys londonbikers forum
Has a nice mother !!!

Meets all the criteria I think, certainly does in my book!

Oooh, let’s see, she should definitely have …

A fast gear change, plenty of top-end & nice flowing curvaceous lines!

I rest my case!

You should check out some of the bar staff at the Coy Carp in Hairfield… very nice

Its not too far from you and would be a nice place to stop of during a ride out


Thanks everyone.

Mini-Mo, I already knew she’d fit the bill tho…

So Andrew I take that from now on you will place here a photo and full coments on every pretendent eh? So we can aprove her or not!

When you go out with a new girl you tell her that your boys/girls at LB aprove is more important than you parents one! She will have to join LB and pump our egos before we give you the ‘go ahead’


One that gobbles and asks for more

Dirty boy. does your mother know you talk like that??

Says he with those

You could always design your own


How much fun / ridiculous is that site.

Everyone, have a go… a trip to the dark side.

LOL. Freaky!