New KTM Bag

*Just because you’re a woman and want to dress up nicely when going out, doesn’t mean you can’t take KTM with you. Maybe you can’t go to the Oscars ceremony on your KTM motorcycle, but you can use a KTM woman’s handbag.

KTM have in their large variety of merchandising catalog, a woman’s handbag made by Ogio , that’s called Deville Girls Purse (Item number: 3PW108910). It’s not orange, so you’ll not stand out, but it has compartments for your mobile phone and even one for sunglasses. The interior is lined with satin. You’ll notice that the KTM logo is discretely stamped in the leather, so not in-your-face.

So PPG?? will we be seing you down BMM with one of these next week?

For the complete look:

Just imagine, what a nice bit of KTM crumpet!

Is that your gear for weekend rides? :w00t::P;)