New KTM 1290 Adventure R

Now this is a big adventure bike :love_you_gesture:t2:

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The stuff he does with those big bikes is just mind boggling… Looks like a proper hooligan offroad. Like it a lot

It looks smaller to me than it’s predecessor. Only think on the looks I’m not sold is the side view when your eye focuses on taht split radiator design. It just looks a bit like the tank is protruding a bit and just messes with me.

I’m not sure how many of the settings the average rider would be able to tweak ‘without stopping’ and you might end up with option paralysis were you constantly tweak and never find the right one.

Not that I am in the market for such a bike but I’d definitely consider it if I was…

Really awesome. Shame we don’t have anywhere to ride these things like that.

With the poor road conditions and the amount of speed cushions and speed bumps in the Big Smoke, that bike looks like a decent commuter tool.

Sadly most are destined to a life of this… You can tell those KTMs by how sad they sound when they go past