New, kinda...but old at the same time - make no sense? Course not! ;-)

Ok, I haven’t been on here in a while since selling my beloved Bonnie back in October last year. I still miss her…


I am back now - as of the weekend I am now the proud (and slightly nervous!) owner of a Ducati 748.

So, yeah…hello London. Good to be back!


Welcome back to LB… Hope your handy with the spanners :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.

Indeed I am - a slap usually works, sometimes followed by a kick in the nuts! :wink:

I know, accutely aware of the pitfalls of Ducati ownership but I am prepared…at least for now!

Big service booked for piece of mind and belts too. Hope to have some relatively trouble free miles ahead…been in love with this shape (916 anyway) since I was about 15 back in 1995. Finally my very long awaited dream’s coming true.

Good to hear mate… Just out of curiosity how much is that service setting you back :w00t:

By the way you and Stuart Fordyce may just become best pals as you’ll be seeing a lot of each other down the OMC… Sorry Stuart, couldn’t resist :P.

£200 incl. of parts and labour for belt change;

£290 for interim service; and

£390 for full service.

Usual applies re any other things that need doing…not the cheapest bike to run and own but…life’s too short!

And so it begins…

Just dropped £800 on a whole load of work…oh dear. :ermm:

Welcome back, look forward to seeing the 748, it’s a gorgeous looking bike.