New Kent/Old Kent Road Flyover

last night on approach to the flyover I noticed to massive pot holes:

One is located just leading up to it and its about 2-3 foot long and quite deepand

the other is located about one third on the flyover itself position to the centre/just off centre on the right.I have accordingly notified Southwark Council of this.

Please take cake on that stretch of road.


I have had an email back from Southwark Council re: the pothole on the new kent road detailed in my first post:

Dear Miss Jones,
Thank you for your email. I have forwarded your report to Transport for London who are responsible for the maintenance of New Kent Road.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.If you have any issues with the roads in the Southwark Council District please use the link below

Oy! careful, lol.

I hit that pothole last week in the works vehicle, on purpose? of course not, lol.

i was about to post about this too but found yours. Be careful on the whole stretch from Elephant roundabout all the way up to the flyover, its in a right state

It’s lethal…all the way from the Ellephant to the Bricklayers…I have reported it to TFL so many times…It needs loads of people to report it before they’ll take any action

and if you come off bricklayers arms roundabout onto great dover street the road has a couple of pot holes, very dangerous

i think its best to copy any letters to your local MP and also mention that should you be involved in an accident caused either directly or indirectly by the fault you have mentioned, you or your estate will sue using the letter as evidence etc etc

I think this is pretty much just be careful on any london road really…